Music Tuition

Sarah is passionate about teaching students music, whether it is for a hobby, for exams, or for furthering their musical career.

Limited Spaces Available.

Sarah's uses her background in the mental health industry as well as music teaching in schools in order to bring an understanding approach to her teaching - recognising the individual personality of you or your child. 

If you or your child experience anxiety, depression, ADD, autism etc, please feel free to let Sarah know so that she can take this into account for you/your child's lessons!


Sarah offers lessons in:

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Electric Bass

  • Ukulele

  • Songwriting

  • Music Theory

Fees and Commitment

  • Sarah works within the weeks of the school terms

  • Fees are paid for per term in bulk

  • It is assumed that you will practise your instrument/songwriting craft

  • Sarah can discuss with you how best to approach practising at home, as we all have different responsibilities to work, school, family etc!

  • Rates are: $40 per half hour, $60 per 45 minutes, $80 per hour (in accordance with the VMTA Rates for 2020:

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If you are interested in learning with Sarah, please fill out these questions and email them to

1. What is your full name?

2. What is you or your child's age?

3. How long have you been playing music and what instrument?

4. What AMEB level are you? (if relevant)

5. What do you want to gain from having music lessons? i.e. your goals?

6. What days/times are you available for lessons?

7. What is your occupation, i.e. do you work full time (what hours?), do you study, do you look after children, etc (this helps Sarah find a spot for you that works.)

8. Do you accept that you will need to practise/play your instrument regularly at home in order for lessons to be sustainable and of value to you?

9. What is your best contact number?

Examples of Past AMEB Exam Results

JPEG Gr 4 PFL Result.png
JPEG Gr 1 Piano Result.png


"Sarah instantly made our boys feel comfortable in her teaching style and friendliness. Sarah challenges the boys to be self-motivated and love the music they play. Sarah is patient and firm about staying focussed and that means that we get the most out of every lesson. Sarah is a fantastic piano teacher!" - Judy L.

"Sarah is an excellent Music teacher. I have learned from Sarah for a couple of years. Sarah tailors learning to individuals needs and wants. We practice some music therapy and relaxation in my sessions and well as theory and practice. I very much recommend Sarah as a Music teacher and Music therapist, Thank you Sarah!" - Justine

"Sarah is an excellent teacher and I always refer my singing clients to her for piano/guitar tuition." - Greg van Bergen of Vocal Foundations.